Cuyahoga Falls born and currently a resident of Akron, I am self taught in all mediums I work with. As I drift around in life I have been fortunate enough to learn a lot of new and useful skills and then get to apply them to my works.

Which is why, If you take a glance at my body of work there's not much in the way of consistency.

I’ve done everything from acrylic paintings, airbrushed paintings, watercolor paintings, murals, metal sculptures, wood sculptures,  wood burning, 3D pumpkin carving, vinyl record sculpting, furniture building, chalk art, musical sculptures, and many others on top of my full time job working at Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens building a variety of different exhibits and attractions. The excitement of trying something new and learning my way around new tools and mediums is too much for me to let go of. It's the reason I do what I do and love doing it. As I learn new techniques and mediums it gives me the ability to slowly combine all those tools in to one piece.  By far, my favorite method for creating however is by combining my passion for the arts with my passion for nature, animals and the natural world. From tree roots, to flowers, vines and stones, nature provides me with beautiful pieces to create with. 

I’ve always mostly done commissioned works. People ask me “Hey could you do this?” Whether its murals, sculptures, paintings or whatever, and my answer is always “Of course I can.” Even if I’ve never really done it before, but that hasn’t really allowed me to explore the kind of work I want to do and the type of collections of pieces I’d like to put together. So within this last year I started I started something I’ve always been very intrigued by and thats chainsaw sculpting / wood sculpting. It has become my new main focus/obsession as an artist. I love sculpture and I love working with wood. Funky wood. Anything I can get my hands on that’s weird and gnarled. Working with the weird funky wood I like to use makes the whole project a discovery. Every little piece I remove reveals something even cooler underneath. It’s very exciting to be in awe of a piece before you even really do anything to it. It almost feels like cheating at times, because Mother Nature does 90% of the work for me in making these pieces what they are. I’m really hoping to have a collection of these wood sculptures for sale and competition by the end of this winter.

My purpose in creating art is simply to do what I love and sharing what I love.
In the words of John Muir:
"The Power of Imagination makes us infinite"


So what's next for me?
To be happy, love life, travel and help bring creativity and art back in to the lives of those who may have lost it. So if you're interested, contact me via email, Facebook or phone and let's create something together. Or I'll just create something for you....either way.....